Do's & Don'ts

Posted by Jessica York on

Let us just start off by saying how essential passion is in a business, craft, industry, hobby, and relationship. Without passion, there is no creativity; there is no drive, no dedication, no will and certainly no appreciation. Now a-days you have a load of people trying to get by without purpose or passion, penny pinching, failing to acknowledge those around them who help bring to light visions and ideas.

The reason JYork The Label took flight was because prior to designing, Jessica’s passion is deeply rooted in self-expression, whether expressing herself through fashion (styling), customizing clothes, a canvas or crafting sick jewels. The mediums she uses are never a factor or an obstacle. Her passion of self-expression gives her purpose, hence allowing her to apply her creativity through any outlet. It is what drove her to create such an exceptional brand; to have clients wear that passion and purpose and deeply connect with it.

Being in the fashion industry (as well as in any business) there is good and bad. We have to step back a moment to realize how every person involved in creative realms have a passion; designers, writers, musicians, painters, models, dancers, photographers. We all should do our best to honor them as we would expect it for ourselves. After all, it is what gives them purpose.

As professionals in our fields, we need to work with one another and see how much effort is fueled by passion to pull together creations, shows, photo shoots, etc.


DON’T be that person with a low budget expecting a high quality photo shoot that include the works: lights, background, and editing.

DON’T expect to pull a show together with handouts and no resources or funding to bring to the table.

DON’T be that person who hates on a well-made garment that is justly priced for the quality and craftsmanship.

DON’T be the person that is looking at quantity vs. quality.

DO respect the ideas and creations of all artists.

DO respect their time.

DO honor their fees respectfully.

DO give credit when and where it’s due.



Artwork by: Jessica York