Swimming this November

Posted by Jessica York on

We’ve been getting a load of questions and it’s safe to say we all at J.York are on the edge of our seats waiting to get the Solana Resort Collection 17 out to you! We have been working tirelessly to see it through, ensuring sure that each fabric chosen, seam, strap is curated and made perfectly to compliment every single square inch of your flesh. That sounds super creepy, huh? But, hey, who would we be if we didn’t take that approach? We want all our J.York dolls to fall in love and pride themselves wearing one of the many options. The names alone are so fun and lively that you will basically feel compelled to befriend your pieces (e.g. Devon, Jonny, Zoë, Chloë, Dylan, Indie, Marlo + Lenny) HELLO!!

Between designing, manufacturer visits, office time and the best part of all, photo shoots, we are beyond stoked to let you know that by mid-November you are granted full permission to limitlessly stock up with the hottest one-piece swimsuits and bikinis!

Jessica York, visionary and sole designer of J.York The Label, not only created this line with Miami sun and beaches in mind, she constructed a collection so versatile that will leave you second guessing your go-to and favorite swimwear… With that said, stay tuned for styling tips on how to turn your swimmies into outerwear, updates on past, present, future collections and loads more!



Image details: https://www.instagram.com/byflowerchild/