Swimsuits & Steel

Posted by Jessica York on

Last week’s photo shoot was one for the books! It was nothing less than magical!

We got offered an unconventional location to use. To be frank, we couldn’t say no. The description alone was uncanny and something one wouldn’t immediately envision as an ideal spot to mix lux fabrics and beautiful women. We’re talking West Kendall farm, dust, dirt, rust, steel, rows of shipping containers, abandoned planes, unfinished structures, tall grass, mosquitoes, vintage cars and more. Little did we know this location and shoot would go down as one of our favorites.

Per your typical Miami day, the weather was temperamental. It was pouring for a majority of the morning. We were scheduled to shoot at noon, but thankfully the universe was in our favor. Skies cleared up, sun was shining and we were ready to go. Never mind the humidity or noseeums buzzing and biting the hell out of you; there was an undeniable energy that was pulling through from the moment we arrived to this remote side of Miami, during and up until the grand finale! It was absolutely riveting! Working with a team is important, but working with a bad-ass team is rewarding!

Let’s not forget to mention those that came tog ether to see this heart-stirring shoot through. The ever so talented Fro Rojas, mastermind behind the lens. Celina Eriksen with the killer beauty and featured model for the win. Lauren Arcana coming in strong for the gold with makeup and hair artistry. And obvi, the babes who styled the looks, the ever so purr-fect Vanessa Bryan and our very own muse, Jessica York.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Now, let us quit typing and let the pics do the talking. Enjoy!




Celina in JYork's The Label Johnny High Waisted Bottoms

Photography: Fro Rojas  Artwork: Gabriella Noelle of FlowerChild


Celina in JYork The Label's Blush Silk Top with Gold Rope

Photography: Fro Rojas  Artwork: Gabriella Noelle of FlowerChild


Celina in JYork The Label's Dylan Teal Velvet Bodysuit

Photography: Fro Rojas  Artwork: Gabriella Noelle of FlowerChild